Neuro-reconstruction-emotional - NRE-

Neuro Reconstruccion Emociona Dr. Naranjo Alcega The Neuro-reconstruction-emotional - NRE - is a symbiosis of technical psychoterapeutic.

or hypnosis heuristic "HH"

or Opto-stimulation-Neuronal "OEN"

or decoding-neurophysiological. "DN" or creative psychotherapy "PsC"

That it outlined a more simple and effective practice that fundamentally relies on a feature of our brain, which is what makes us so many mistakes by false deductions or erroneous inferences.

In some cases the four can be used together in several sessions and the order of use has no more relevance, but must also take into account that not in all cases they are necessary to use three techniques together.

And in other cases as in phobias we use the OEN or PD only, that is determining what the psychologist or therapist as advances in therapy, however when the conflict is revealed as very difficult, a regression by HH or a mixed classical and heuristic hypnosis technique is always highly recommended

In a situation of stress, or neuro-shock, our brain is responsible for processing the information at quantum velocities and response to deal with the situation. Thus it also acquires the experience, allowing you to grow your psychic adaptively or reactive to the situation.

In which is based the NRE?

Mainly in the programming that we bring in our genes and to develop our mental capacity and how to interact with others. To that we add received programming involuntarily from our childhood (self-hypnosis, systemic) and what we learn for life with imitation, education or trauma to which we are exposed over the life.

Therefore the NRE relies on the individual's own programming and the deactivation of neural packages involved in the conflict.

To better understand would say that; Sometimes we see a scar in our body but we don't remember where we did it ourselves, the conflicts are scars in our memory that are recorded but although forget their cause or origin, affect us.


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